Maxima executes periodic projects which include:

  • Regular repairs of internal combustion engines M5, M4 of the locomotives of the MTU 4000 series of the BR285 and ST45 series
  • Inspections, regular, audit and emergency repairs of CATERPILLAR C27 and 3512 diesel engines of the 6Dg and 15D series locomotives
  • Major repairs to SM8 a8c22 series diesel engines
  • Main repairs of 12LDA28 internal combustion engines of the ST43 series locomotives
  • Main repairs of 12CzN26 / 26, 5-26DG combustion engines of the locomotives of the M62ko and ST44ko series
  • Major repairs of 5D49 internal combustion engines on the BR232 series locomotives
  • Major repairs 12D49M internal combustion engines on the BR233 series locomotives
  • Inspections P1, P2, P3 and current repairs of locomotives of the series: BR285, 6Dg, 6Di, 15D, 16D, SM42, SM48, ST43, M62, BR232, 131, 141, 181, 182, 183, 186, 483, ET22, ET21, EU07, DE6400, class 66
  • Reconstruction of diesel locomotives after fires
  • Regeneration of air compressors, compressors, gears, pumps, turbochargers
  • Power control of diesel locomotives on a water resistor
  • Comprehensive service provided services
  • And many more …